Helicopter skiing in British Columbia might just be the pinnacle of the sport itself. A one hour flight from Vancouver to Terrace touches you down in the heart of the Coastal Range, high and eternally snow covered peaks cut only by mighty salmon and steelhead rivers. Twenty minutes drive from the airport and you’re home at Northern Escape Heli Skiing.

Packages at Northern Escape can be quite reasonable (especially with that friendly USD/CAD exchange rate), and include cat options for bad weather days to keep you on snow no matter what. Typical runs start high up in a alpine bowls and extend for miles in deep powder through to tailing tree runs, with the heli waiting for you to do it all over again.

northern escape heliskiing british columbia

We won’t even get started on the decadence of the lodge – but Northern Escape offers fine food, drink, massage chairs, hot tubs – all the essentials to recovering after skiing tens of thousands of vertical feet. Check out some of the packages we offer with Northern Escape and start planning your trip.