(The main image for this article was altered by AI to create a skier frowning in front of a helicopter because that picture just doesn’t exist on the internet. Sorry Willy, we know you were smiling in this picture.)

Everywhere you look there are countless websites that proclaim what a “life-changing” experience heli-skiing is. Every heliskiing operator claims that they offer the best skiing in the world. Can that really be true?

What about the flip side of that coin? Why aren’t there more articles or websites that bring to light all the negative aspects of Heli skiing? We’ve decided to throw on our “hard-hitting journalism” hats and create that article, just to make sure the world remains balanced.

Here are our top reasons why you SHOULDN’T go heliskiing.

1. No budget for fun

Let’s get real here for a moment. Heliskiing just isn’t something that you can afford.

You’ve already mentally committed all of your money to other things. There just isn’t the budget for fun.

You’ve settled on buying a bigger house so that you can spend more time cleaning it. Last year, you purchased a newer car that you use to commute to your unfulfilling job every day. When the weather got nice, you bought a bunch of clothes that you can wear to that restaurant you go to every week where you order the same exact thing.

It’s okay, spending on happiness isn’t for everyone.

You’re money needs to go toward more practical decisions. You can’t just be going after the things that make you happy and make you inherently joyful.

That would be irresponsible. In fact, it’s downright reckless to spend your money on the things you enjoy doing.

2. You love lift lines

Everything you’ve read tells you that heliskiing is an addiction. We can confirm. Those captions below people’s Instagram posts are telling the dead truth. Once you’ve been heliskiing, everything will change.

Once you’ve been you’ll never be the same.

Although people like to complain about it sometime, you’re okay with waiting 15-20 minutes in a lift line. Good things are worth the wait.

You also don’t mind being shoulder-to-shoulder with 100 strangers in the lodge. It’s even better when you are all on the same run together!

You’ll play Frogger, barely avoiding other skiers and snowboarders and you make your way down the narrowly cut ski run. In your eyes, if you collide with someone on a run it’s an opportunity to meet a new person.

You’ve been going to ski resorts for most of your life. You have a history, like an abusive relationship, and you’re not ready to leave.

You don’t want to jeopardize this “pretty okay” experience for a new thing with a heliskiing operator.

3. You don’t like being challenged

Some people love to push themselves beyond their personal limits. See what they can achieve. See what is possible.

Not you though!

You’re just fine with life as it is. New things are for the young. You’re content doing things that are more familiar. Why go heliskiing when you can just watch videos of other people doing it on Youtube?

Heliskiing, especially for the first time, might be out of your comfort zone, which is somewhere you just aren’t willing to go.

It’s not that you’re lazy. You work out plenty. You do the same consistent routine each week. Going beyond that? Why bother?

You heard the story from a friend that went heliskiing for the first time last year. He had the feeling of butterflies in his stomach, a combination of excitement and nerves, something they hadn’t felt in a long time, maybe since his 20s when he was on a first date or just starting out in a new career. That powerful sensation of being, a flow state that exists just on the line of what you believe you’re capable of, and then going past it. Your body lights up as all the neurons in your brain fire simultaneously. It’s so overwhelming, that you have to hoot and holler as you glide over untouched snow and through perfectly spaced trees.

No thanks!

4. No time for fun

Your schedule is pretty busy. You don’t see that changing anytime soon.

You’ve committed all of your time to work, maybe family. Time for yourself, doing things that you like to do, just isn’t something you are willing to carve out time for.

You’ll let those vacation days go unused, or decide not to step away from your business for a bit, because you’re under the impression that the amount of time you spend working directly correlates to the value of your work. It’s just about grinding, and then grinding more. Head down.

You’ve read somewhere on the internet (maybe in your LinkedIn feed) that time away from work actually boosts creativity and productivity long term, but you’re not ready to believe it. You’re certainly not ready to experiment with it.

Your personal satisfaction with your life isn’t all that important. You’ll just have fun when you retire.

Really? You’re still interested in Heliskiing?

As a first-time heliskier, we hope you take note of all the above before deciding to pursue this kind of fun. If you’ve read all of this, and still think that heliskiing is up your alley, then you can contact our team to start planning your next adventure.

We’re a team and community of experienced heliskiers, willing to spend our time exploring new territory, pushing our personal boundaries, and prioritizing fun.

I guess we are as bat-shit crazy as you. Let’s be friends.