If you’re looking to step up your winter skiing experience this season, look no further than cat skiing with Great Northern Powder Guides in Whitefish, Montana. With super competitive rates, this is the ultimate “add-on” to your ski vacation in Whitefish. Booking with them is the best possible way to make the most of the winter storms that roll through.

Dare we say, with skiing this good, it’s worth the trip to Montana just for Great Northern Powder Guides. You can skip the resort altogether and get your fill with a couple days at GNPG, all while avoiding the liftlines and still getting to enjoy the town at night.

Watch this quick video and you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to glide down the untouched slopes in their terrain. If you’re feeling frisky, you can book the overnight yurt and go for a couple of days.

The cat skiing experience begins with a safety briefing and then a short drive to the top of the mountain. From there, the snowcat takes you to the top of the first runs, where you can enjoy hours of untouched slopes. No tracked-out bowls around these parts.

The guides at Great Northern Powder Guides are highly experienced, and they will make sure you have a safe day while finding the best zones and conditions. Each package includes a full day of skiing, with a hot lunch and snacks provided. Guides will also take photos and videos of your experience, so you’ll never forget your fantastic time in Montana.

The adventures on Heli may be marked as sold out, but that is simply because you need to contact our team to get booked. You can check out more details by clicking the button below, and then get in touch with our team to book.