Us Western Hemisphere-ers have a difficult truth coming our way: the official start of fall is in 6 weeks. And whether we’ve made the most of our summers or not, there’s plenty of room for more adventure.

6 weeks may not sound like a lot of time. But 6 weeks is 42 days. 6 weeks is 1,008 hours. Six weeks is 60,480 minutes. Six weeks is millions of moments.

Suddenly, six weeks feels like a massive window of opportunity. So we’ve dreamed up 3 ways for you to seize it properly.

Explore Locally

Keeping it local at a town forest in Maine.

It doesn’t take a big budget and air travel to chase down an unforgettable experience. Go online and look up a list of State Parks near you. Surely, you’ll find one that piques your interest and, in doing so, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for wherever you call home.

Eager to go a tad further? Spend time nerding out on a road trip route. Ask friends and family about their favorite local spots. Hit the road for a few days (or more) and enjoy your region unlike ever before

Explore Afar

A video from one of our customer’s recent trip to French Polynesia. Click here to book a trip.

If this is the time of year when you have the most time on your hands, don’t hesitate to go big. When summer has passed, kids are in school, and the other realities of life set in a bit more than usual, you’ll be wishing you’d gone somewhere afar during the summer period. And we’ve got you covered with endless trip ideas focused on surf, kiteboard, dive, mountain bike, safari, and beyond.

Explore The Future

Ripping turns at Silvertip Heliskiing in British Columbia. Click here to book a trip.

For some of us, the next six weeks are simply not the time to travel—close to home, or far away. We get that. And as travel experts, we suggest this: bury yourself in researching for your next trip and get every little detail dialed. Planning these life-changing adventures is a seriously fun part of the process as a whole—from figuring out where to stay, where to eat, what sights are worth seeing, and just as important, what sights are worth skipping. And even if you’re not an overly detail-oriented planner, you can simply book a trip and drool over videos and photos from your destination while you wait. The point is, it’s always nice to look forward to something in life.