Cinco de Mayo is a day for celebration. To celebrate this day with our Heli friends, we decided to share with you some amazing trips throughout Mexico. Experience the sun, culture, food, and amazing adventures that come with the destination.

Geoff Gulevich Athlete Bike Tour

Oaxaca, Mexico

An amazing bike, food, and cultural experience all wrapped up into one incredible adventure. Oaxaca is home to the best trails in Mexico but also awesome food and great traditions. Meet the culture and taste the awesome food of the colonial city of Oaxaca, a UNESCO world heritage site, as well as taste and see the making process of the world-famous Mezcal from Matatlan, considered the crib of Mezcal.

La Ventana Kite and Stay

Corredor Isla Cerralvo, Mexico

Whether you are looking to learn or become more advance at kiteboarding, the Nomad Kite Surf School will design and deliver coaching fit your needs. La Ventana was rated the #1 destination by Discovery Channel as the world’s top kiteboarding destination. With a location that not only offers great kiteboarding conditions but a beautiful stay in the Baja peninsula. Guests will stay in the luxurious wellness resort, Casa Tara Retreat, where you can swim, take yoga classes, or just simply enjoy the beach.

109 Environment-Mindfulness & Regenerative Retreat

Acapulco – Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Find yourself from within. The 109 World Mindfulness & Regenerative Retreat will allow you to escape and reconnect in the beauty of Mexico. This 6 day and 5-night retreat will get you to quiet the business from within and reawaken yourself by grounding yourself in the present.

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