It’s September, which means that those of us in the northern hemisphere have ski season clearly within our sights. While the rest of the world worries about getting in shape for beach season, our tribe knows that fitness is far more important on the hill than on the beach. So, you’ve been cranking out curls for girls and a heavy bench press to plank routine to keep up with your peers this summer, but now it’s time to think about on-hill performance


1. Yoga

Yoga can be a great way to build core strength while staying limber. Both power yoga and Bikram can be very helpful routines in getting ready for the winter season. Whether it’s the main tenant in your regimens or you’re doing it a couple of times a week, a consistent yoga practice will pay dividends in the quality of your ski season.

2. Soulcycle

There’s a reason why soulcycle and similar operations have taken off as the “it-routine” of the decade. When it comes to pure cardio and sweat producing activities, there is nothing more efficient than an hour of soulcycle. A few classes per week will put you in prime condition to ski lap after lap all season long.


3. Stairmaster

You know it, that machine next to the bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. It hasn’t gotten much love since the 80s, but there’s a reason why the stairmaster is a standard installment in every gym. For the backcountry touring enthusiast, this is a great way to work those uphill muscles and stamina, plus it helps shape that gluteus maximus, which should help your chances at the bar.

4. Blading

Another solid throwback, blading is often overlooked for its cardio benefits, and will definitely help you get in the flow for time on the hill. Not only will this sport help with your balance, core strength, and stamina, but it will also score you serious points with members of the opposite sex as the watch you slide around the local park like the steezmaster that you are.

5. Crossfit

As it turns out, you don’t have to be a total hardo to do crossfit. Similarly to soul-cycle, there’s a good reason why this trend has caught on to the extent that it has. The exercise routines will help hone your body into a skiing machine, and the instructors will keep you motivated to keep it up and come back day after day.

6. Desk Workouts

We get it. You like to heli-ski, and the habit doesn’t pay for itself. Even if you’re putting in 80 hour weeks you can find time to keep your body in shape for ski season, life is won in the margins after all. Whether it’s busting out a quick one hundred pushups before your lunch break, or ripping calf raises at your standing desk, if you make shredding a priority, you’ll find a way to keep the body in shred-ready shape.


7. PBR Curls

Self-explanatory. PBR curls will put you in great shape for a season full of apres with the squad, plus they’re good for the soul.

Ultimately, when it comes to getting ready for ski season, the bottom line is do what you can, when you can. Focus on your legs, core strength, and endurance, and you’ll be ready to go when the time comes for that first drop….

Cover image and skiing photo by Julian Carr. All other photos via Flickr.