If you hand a tired mountain biker a warm beer and a greasy burger after a long ride—they’ll really like you.

But if you present them with a catered meal highlighted by gourmet ingredients, cold drinks, and views that literally go on for hundreds of miles—they’ll love you forever.

That’s just how awesome the cliffside dinner feels at the end of the legendary Sinners and Saints ride. While the 6-day biking adventure across Nevada and Utah is filled with thrills from start to finish, this single meal just might be the best part of it all. An expert chef sends you a special GPS. Then, you and your crew pedal up to the designated cliffside and voila, dinner is served.

Un. Real.

It’s one of the most unique and memorable dining experiences a person could have. But you’ve got to earn it first. Because long before the cliffside steaks and cocktails, this trip packs in serious riding across some of the world’s most famous terrain.

While the bulk of the riding takes place in Utah, this trip begins in a little place called Vegas. Trip-goers typically fly into McCarran International Airport, and while the allure of slots and shows and all that jazz may be tempting, the agenda calls for bikes, right out of the gate. A quick stop to the local shop gets everyone dialed; those who bring their bikes can have them quickly built, and those who don’t can hop on a high-quality rental with ease.

After the shop stop, it’s off to the nearby trails to see a different side of the Vegas community. Turns out this place is brimming with top-notch riding; it’s the perfect precursor for what’s to come in Utah.

And what’s to come is special, indeed.

Across the following 5 days, you’ll experience Utah’s finest trails and zones, many of which are well-known around the world: the Green Valley; the Holy Guacamole Trail; Gooseberry Mesa; Bootleg Canyon; and last but not least, the home of your cliffside dinner, Red Cliffs. A mix of terrain keeps things fresh, ranging from flowy singletrack to slick rock descents that’ll push your limits. Needless to say, this trip brings out the best in every rider, every time.

All organized and guided by Sacred Rides, this Saints and Sinners trip spares no details. After all, these guides were collectively named “#1 Mountain Bike Company on Earth” by National Geographic, among many other high praises in the media. Just imagine what you’ll have to say when you’re sitting there cliffside—happily dirty and sweaty after the best riding of your life, with a perfect meal on your plate and a cold drink in your hand.

To explore your trip options and make this dream a reality, hit the button below. And remember: Sacred Rides offers trips all over the globe, all available here at Heli.